Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Sarianne Törmälehto
Ojanperäntie 53, 86680 VATJUSJÄRVI, FINLAND
tel +358-8-455 282, GSM +358-40-716 2728

Kennel Zirabanden is located in Haapavesi, Finland. Our breeding work happens in small scale and we use a lot of time with each litter already in planning stage. All our dogs live in the familyhouse growing up with us and they become accustomed to voices, people and other dogs (more information about our rottweilers can be found at their own websites, link below). Puppies go to their new homes after being checked out by a vet and new owners will be given the instructions of care.

Our breeding dogs go through a health check on a regular basis. They are healthy, beautiful dogs with good success in dog shows and have got the character to match the breed standard. You can familiarise yourself with the following information:




My own shiba Monokuro Chisato "Taika"

Mother's rottweilers
Kennel Zirabanden