FIN CH, JK3, Multi V-Rated, Multi Best of Breed Winner
Cenweilers Zardella

Results of health research with FCI classification:
Hips: C/B Elbows: 0/0 Eyes: Clear

Character test: Approved +142

Breeding Examination: Approved

Show criticisms 1999: (Zira 2 years old)

Haapavesi 25.4.1999
Judge: J.A.U.Yrjölä, Finland:
Winner of glass
Very great. Excellent good type young bitch. Good type head. Middlebrown eyes. Scissors bite. Good position ears. Good neck, good brisket. Good angulation at legs. Good underline for his age. Action of hind leg could be efficienter. Highposition archingtail. Beautiful marking.

Vaasa 13.6.1999
Judge: J.A.U.Yrjölä, Finland: Winner of glass, SA, Certificate
great. Very strong powerful, slightly stout bitch. Good dimensions and good confirmation. Good temperament. Very typical head. Middlebrown eyes. Scissors bite. Adequate pigment. Excellent neck. Beautiful overline. Spacious brisket. Good angulations. Rustycoloured marks. Hindstep could be slightly taller. Good movement. Beautifully carried tail.

Ylivieska 18.7.1999
Gunilla Fristedt, Sverige: Winner of glass, SA, Best Bitch 2, Certificate, RES-CACIB
Excellent type. Great size. Female head with delightful expression. Good overline. Adequate forechest. Good angulations. Good bones, little weak wrists. Little narrow at back. Moves good stride lenght looking from side.

Iisalmi 24.7.1999
Judge: Pentti Mattson, Finland: 1:st quality glass, 2:th of competition glass, SA, Best Bitch n:o 2, Certificate
Excellent type. Good bones and rough of body. Good head, good backline, correct position of croup. Good angulation, good movement.

Nurmes 1.8.1999
Judge: Gunilla Fristedt, Sverige:
Winner of glass, SA, Best Bitch, Best of Breed
Excellent type. Middlesize. Female head with good dimensions. Good pigment, delightful expression. Good overline. Good confirmation. Normal angulations. Adequate bones. Good fur and colour. Moving little narrow at back, very well when looking on the sideline.

Jurva 8.8.1999
Judge: Annemarie Thomassen: 1:st quality class, 4:th of competition class
Very good type, little height (typical for age). Beautiful expressive eyes, good ears. Excellent neck, good forechest. Good position from behind. Flexible action. Good presentation. Good marking. Excellent temperament.

In the year 2000 we attend a shows sometimes. Up to the present we have been for example Winner of glass three times and Iisalmi 1.7.2000 (judge Keijo Alén) Winner of class, Worth a Certificate, Best Bitch, Best of Breed!


Zira participating in competition of workingdogs and obedience-tests with very good success. Our workingdog-event is track. JK3 = National tracking trial III class.